Live the Breeden Way

The Breeden Company Corporate Office

Thank you for considering one of The Breeden Company’s communities to call home. We strive daily to provide the best in quality community design and management for our residents to not just to enjoy, but to thrive. From careful planning of each aspect of the property to our hand-selected staff, everything is done with one goal in mind… to make your life better when you rent from us at The Breeden Company.

With more than 50 years of experience in every facet of real estate development and a sterling reputation for excellence, The Breeden Company has long been associated with inspiring places. Our residential, multi-family, commercial and resort development projects enhance the communities in which they’re located and offer the finest standards to those who live, work, play and invest in them. Prime locations and pride of ownership combine to create these inspiring places. The Breeden Company retains ownership in each project throughout the economic life of the property, resulting in a company culture that values immediate service to residents and tenants, an emphasis on proper maintenance and a courteous approach to every relationship.

A Passion for All Living Things

Breeden leads the rental housing market in responsible, pet-friendly policies. The Breeden Family’s passion for animals over the years has extended to the imperiled red knot bird, which inhabits the Virginia Shore and its surrounding areas during spring migration. Naming the community Red Knot will help shed light on the plight of this bird – from its decreasing food supply to the encroaching ocean that’s taking away miles of precious shoreline and migratory bird habitat areas.